Quilled Snowflakes

Quilled Snowflakes

Quilled snowflakes can be used in a variety of projects.
Below are some ideas .. let me know if you can think of any other uses I have not listed. Thanks!

Scrapbook pages
Greeting card
Gift tag
Picture frame
Bag topper
Tree ornament
Place card

Notepad cover
Small container, jar
Papier mache box
Paper bag
Matchbook box
Tin box
Altered art (book niche, jar)

Quilled Snowflakes

I like 6-point snowflakes versus four or five-points .. I think they look better.

To make this 13-piece snowflake, use 4-inch strips. Make one tight, semi-tight OR loose roll for the center.

Decide on two shapes in groups of six for the points. A marquise and T-scroll were used here. ANY shape or scroll can be used.

Use as little glue as necessary and allow to dry completely.

Tips: Use 1/8-inch strips of white, light blue or gray paper. (However, if you are decorating a tree with all pink ornaments, by all means make pink snowflakes!) Use as little glue as you can get by with, and a pair of tweezers is a must tool when making snowflakes! Width and length can be adjusted for any size snowflake. Add a bit of glitter glue to a finished snowflake, applying lightly with fingers. To make a jump-ring to hang your snowflake-- wrap a strip around a small dowel or drinking straw and glue it to a point of the snowflake.

To make more decorative snowflakes apply additional shapes in groups of six to the points. See the examples shown above.

To make a fully decorative snowflake, apply six of the same shape between the points as shown in the examples below.

Quilled Snowflakes

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