Quilled Leaves Instructions

These quilled fall leaves can be used in a variety of projects.
All shapes begin with a basic loose circle. Pinch the circles to the indicated shapes. The stems are folded strips (glued together) to make two layers and can be any length. Keep stems straight or curl around a large marker pen to make a curve.

1/8-inch wide paper was used. The length of the strip and shapes of the element are noted below. Width and length can be adjusted for any size leaf. Enjoy!

1.    one 5-inch marquise, two 6-inch bunny ears - glue and add stem

2.    two 6-inch marquise (bottom leaves), five 5-inch marquise - glue to stem as assembling

3.    two 12-inch, (long) tear drops, glue sides together and hold a few minutes to let dry, add stem

4.    one 10-inch tear drop, add stem

5.    one 4-inch marquise, two 8-inch bunny ears - glue and add stem

6.    one 6-inch marquise (top leaf), two 4-inch marquise, two 8-inch bunny ears - glue and add stem

7.    three 6-inch marquise, glue and add stem

8.    one 16-inch shaped teardrop, add stem
(If you do not have long strips of quilling paper, glue two 8-inch strips together end-to-end, let dry and roll your loose circle.)

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