Quilled Flower Instructions

All shapes begin with a basic loose circle. Begin with 4-inch to 6-inch length strips for the loose circles. Pinch the circles with thumb and forefinger to either a teardrop or marquise shape. Glue five shapes, one at a time, at the points and allow to dry. Finish by gluing a rhinestone, pearl, tight roll or other embellishment in the center.

The measurements and shapes of the flower petals are noted below.

1.    five 6-inch teardrops, crimped 1/4" wide strips, add pearl center

2.    five 4-inch teardrops, add rhinestone center

3.    five 6-inch marquise, triple rolled using red, green and white strips, add rhinestone center

4.    five 7-inch teardrops, double rolled using turquoise and brown strips, add right roll center

5.    five 16-inch shaped teardrops, add embellishment in center and ribbon for ornament or package decor
(If you do not have long strips of quilling paper, glue two 8-inch strips together end-to-end, let dry and roll your loose circles.)

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