• I am a creative designer, author, instructor and product developer for the craft and hobby industry, and started quilling in 1980. My projects have been featured in various craft magazines, including internationally. I have been contributing paper projects to craft books since 2004.

  • My (64 SKU) line of Provo Craft Stand-Outs quilled stickers were sold on QVC, in Hobby Lobby & Joann's, featured on HGTV's The Carol Duvall Show, and sold worldwide in craft mail-order catalogs. They were retired in 2008 but you can still buy a few designs on eBay HERE.

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    The following basic instruction links to various quilling designs were created long before blogs and facebook. They have never been updated, but they seem to be helpful to many quillers, especially beginners.

    Quilled Hearts ~ Instructions

    Quilled Flowers ~ Instructions

    Fall Leaves ~ Instructions

    Snowflakes ~ Instructions

    Quilling, also known as paper filigree, is the art of rolling narrow strips of paper around a pin-like tool into a circle and shaped to form three-dimensional designs. The origin of quilling has been traced to European monasteries of the 15th century, but the actual creation of the art may date back to the 13th century. It is believed that feather quills were originally used to roll the paper strips.

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